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When you are working with kali that booted from SD card or USB you need native windows environment to test some payloads that could bypass AV for example. A good decision is to have virtualbox installed on your kali.

Here is simple steps how to install virtual box on your kali.

All these commands should be run with sudo

1. Install current kernel headers

#apt-get install linux-headers-amd64

2. Visit and download installer and extension pack


3. After download finished add run permissions and execute installation

#chmod +x

Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox for Linux installation.............
VirtualBox Version 5.1.0 r108711 (2016-07-12T15:08:44Z) installer
Installing VirtualBox to /opt/VirtualBox

Python found: python, installing bindings...

VirtualBox has been installed successfully.

You will find useful information about using VirtualBox in the user manual
and in the user FAQ

We hope that you enjoy using VirtualBox.

4. Start virtualbox from console typing virtualbox or select from menu


5. Enjoy

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