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Glances is a cross-platform curses-based system monitoring tool written in Python

I found it more useful for monitoring systems.

Glances could be downloaded from or installed be packages system in most GNU/Linux distributions.


  • python >= 2.6 or >= 3.3 (tested with version 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5)

  • psutil >= 2.0.0

  • setuptools

Optional dependencies:

  • bottle (for Web server mode)

  • py3sensors (for hardware monitoring support) [Linux-only]

  • hddtemp (for HDD temperature monitoring support) [Linux-only]

  • batinfo (for battery monitoring support) [Linux-only]

  • pymdstat (for RAID support) [Linux-only]

  • pysnmp (for SNMP support)

  • zeroconf (for the autodiscover mode)

  • netifaces (for the IP plugin)

  • influxdb (for the InfluxDB export module)

  • statsd (for the StatsD export module)

  • pystache (for the action script feature)

  • docker-py (for the Docker monitoring support) [Linux-only]

  • matplotlib (for graphical/chart support)

  • pika (for the RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module)

  • bernhard (for the Riemann export module)

  • py-cpuinfo (for the Quicklook CPU info module)

  • scandir (for the Folders plugin) [Only for Python < 3.5]



For the standalone mode, just run:

$ glances

For the Web server mode, run:

$ glances -w

and enter the URL http://<ip>:61208 in your favorite web browser.

For the client/server mode, run:

$ glances -s

on the server side and run:

$ glances -c <ip>

on the client one.

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